Zigama CSS provides loans with one of the lowest interest rates in Rwanda. All loan applications are processed in a timely manner to ensure quick service delivery.

If you are interested in taking a loan with Zigama CSS, please see below the basic terms and conditions for our loan products:

  • Financial contribution to the saving programs
  • Ability to pay back the loan on a specified time
  • Members relationship with the society
  • Members own contribution to the project
  • Members’ character and guarantees


Interest rates on loan products vary from 13% to 16.5% and from very short-term loan to long-term loans. The loan facilities may be consumer, equipment, mortgage, agriculture, and business loans.

Our interest rates are based on the following: 

  • Very short term loan (up to 12 months): 15%-16.5%
  • Short term loan (Up to 48 months): 13%-15%
  • Medium term loan (up to 84 months): 13%-15%
  • Long term loan (up to 180 months): 13%-15%
  • BDF facilities - Price and PASPA (up to 72 months): 13%-15%
  • Family Loan (up to 24 months): 15%
  • Ganza Loan (up to 60 months): 18%
  • Mission Loan (up to 60 months): 15%


Our investment areas and activities include:

  • Treasury
  • Consumption
  • Equipment
  • Residential Mortgages
  • Commercial Mortgages