Alice Rugira

Alice Rugira Alice Rugira is the Manager of Sonarwa’s Kimironko branch. She has served in various corporations since 2000, from legal to management departments. Alice has developed the skills to shape institutions and put in place resolute goals related to workforce coordination, marketing, and budgeting.

She administered the Management Performance department at Rwandatel from 1995 to 1998. Her key responsibilities involved budget planning and auditing, as well as assessing expenditure priorities. She also worked as a research fellow for the Zambia Law Development Commission for three years, where she worked on research proposals, seminars and workshops, data collection and report analysis.

As a Senior Sales Manager of Sonarwa between 2009 and 2010, Alice was responsible for working with clients to update them about the company’s progress, sharing information on existing and new insurance products. She was later promoted to represent the company at the branch level with a focus on legal functions.

Alice Rugira holds numerous training certificates in consultancy, law, customer care and corporate governance. Her insight and hard work make her a valued member of the Zigama CSS Board of Directors.