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With ZCSS VISA Card, you are able to:

• Access your bank account to check your balance.
• Pay for goods and services you purchase online.
• Pay for goods and services using POS in shops, Restaurants, Hospitals, etc.
• Withdraw cash from ATMs.


How do I get a ZCSS VISA CARD

You can apply for your ZCSS VISA Card via
the ZCSS Mob App on your mobile phone .
You may also get it at your nearest ZCSS



• You will pay 4000 Frw to apply for a ZCSS VISA Card.
• You will be charged 200 Frw each time you withdraw money from a ZCSS ATM.
• However, you will be charged 600 Frw if you withdraw from ATMs of other banks in Rwanda.
• Charges for ATM withdraws outside Rwanda vary from country to country.
• You will not be charged any money for paying at a POS and when you purchase goods and services online.
• You are advised to use the old ZCSS SmartCash Card for withdrawing money at ATMs because it is cheaper ( 3000 Frw to get old Card and 400 Frw only per transaction ).


• When you receive your ZCSS VISA Card, it comes with a defaut PIN (1111). You must immediately change this PIN and this can only be done on ZCSS ATMs.
• Be careful with your VISA Card because if a crimminal manages to see the 3-digit number at the back of your VISA Card he may use it to purchase  goods online in your account.

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