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For about 20 years, Zigama Credit and Savings Society (ZCSS) has met the financial needs of our customers (the members and clients) with outstanding service, value-oriented products, and progressive extension in Branch networks.


We continually strive to find better ways to serve, contribute, and make a difference in the community that we serve by remaining responsible towards our members. For us, being a responsible bank means weighing the impact of every decision we take and to every service we offer. It also means, always thinking about what further contribution we can make helping members find new opportunities, and driving member’s social and economic well-being.


Our core mission today has remained fundamentally unchanged. This has been to provide appropriate, affordable, attractive and accessible financial services to members. Member focus remains the driving factor behind everything we do. We have made significant investments in our technology and project management capabilities so that we can always provide innovative ways to simplify banking for you.


We have currently adopted a new 5-year strategy (2019-2023). This calls for us to create a robust operating platform capable of delivering consistent growth under 3 themes: Member focus, operational excellence, and digitization. Open innovation will play a critical role in swiftly creating quality products and services for our clients.


Finally, we listen closely to the members who use our products and services and to the change makers, who ask us to partner with them as they launch newly invented technologies.We need to understand their priorities and appreciate their points of view. We also listen to our employees, working together to foster a mutually supportive culture anchored by the highest standards of ethical behavior.



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